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Calebona`s Courses are fast and effectiv. straight to the point and no extra nonsense.
Calebona`s Courses are one time payment, 
not monthly subscription just to hold you longer and makeing courses slow.Calebona is the only course site working with If you take your course serioulsy and have what it takes as a seller, trivles might give you a seller profile on their platform. More than 60% of sellers on trivles have taken courses on Calebona. Becouse of our close realationships with different platforms like trivles. we can most likely give you huge oppertunities. Calebona also has a close realeationship with the music streaming platform "Vavonu" wich are very serious and strict on who gets their music on their platform. almost 30% of the artists on Vavonu have taken courses from Calebona. Calebona works with other platforms to try and make sure that everyone that takes our courses seroulisy  gets a chance to earn money from it like for example on "Trivles"We also offer physical courses to stay fit or learn new lifestyles and hobbys that you can earn income from.



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